The 2nd. Let's Talk about Peace International Conference took place in Buenos Aires, from 3 to 6 July 2018, and is a continuation of the one held in June 2016 in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo, it is organized by ILAPyC - Latin American Institute for Peace and Citizenship together a IDEAR - Institute of Argentine Studies and the IPB - International Peace Buerau.

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The construction of a Culture of Peace, respect for Human Rights and the full development of peoples and their inhabitants, must be integrated into a common political-educational project to achieve the formation of a society free of violence based on ethical training. , democratic and responsible.

Sharing a fruitful dialogue about Peace, solidarity, democratic participation and human security acquires particular relevance, in a world where conflict resolution through violence, individualism and indifference towards others and current problems occupy a place of importance in our societies.

The Let's Talk Peace International Conference held in Buenos Aires in close relationship with the Mercosur countries and the Republic of Colombia, brought together young people, educators, experts, representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations and officials from various levels and areas of government at the regional level. - as well as decision makers and opinion formers, with the aim of debating, for four days, issues related to the construction of a Culture of Peace and good citizen practices from multidisciplinary perspectives.

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  • Share and exchange knowledge and basic principles on the link between the concept of Culture of Peace and Human Rights, Education, Public Policies, Diplomacy, Economy, Development, Security, Media and Art.

  • Promote the participation and active interaction of young people, educators and members of government institutions as well as NGO representatives in interdisciplinary spaces for debate on the Culture of Peace.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of carrying out actions of social, educational and political incidence that make possible the visibility of the principles linked to the construction of a Culture of Peace at both the national and regional levels, generalizing the implementation of UN Resolution A / 53 .

  • Socialize and disseminate the current process of ending Colombia's armed conflict and the Peace Accords reached, as well as the public policies that support its concrete implementation directed towards a sustainable and lasting Peace, which will have repercussions throughout the Latin American regional sphere.

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Y este año, en el que  se cumplen 100 años del nacimiento de Nelson Mandela, la Conferencia se ha desarrollado en honor a este hombre que tanto hizo por la Paz. Hemos puesto bajo su advocación esta 2ª Conferencia para hablar de Paz, teniendo como guía su pensamiento y alguna de sus posiciones más claras que nos proponemos nos sirvan de ejemplo: "Al salir por la puerta hacia mi libertad, supe que si no dejaba atrás toda la ira, el odio y el resentimiento, seguiría siendo un prisionero" Ese es Madiba, como gustaba llamarlo su Pueblo.

Mandela nos dejó un legado inmenso y algunas muy claras señales de qué hacer con los que consideramos "enemigos".


"La mejor manera de terminar con un enemigo, es proponerle hacer algo juntos y transitar así el camino que nos lleva hacia la amistad".


¡Gracias por ser parte!