The Global Risk Management Unit in Multidimensional Peace Operations (UGRG - OMP) team works on research, training and promotion of actions that promote the Culture of Peace.

These operations, promoted by the international community through the UN, aim to help countries navigate the difficult path between conflict and peace. They are a tool that adopts different configurations and their legality is inspired by the United Nations charter and three basic principles:

  • Consent of the parties
  • Impartiality
  • No use of force, except in legitimate defense and in defense of the mandate.

Becoming a flexible tool that facilitates political processes, the protection of civilians, the rehabilitation or reintegration of ex-combatants, cooperation in the construction of an electoral process agenda, in protecting and promoting Human Rights and in helping to reestablish the State of Law .


In modern conflicts, the objective of some of the parties is the population itself; citizens of a Nation are currently the victims.


Even though it is the States that have the duty to protect, in situations of conflict and situations of serious lack of control, the members of the OMP must contribute with the local authorities, in actions of prevention, advice and physical protection when the situation requires it.


Human Rights constitute one of the fundamental pillars in the post-conflict peace consolidation processes. The achievement of Peace or the cessation of violent acts, without the protection of Human Rights, leads to a weak and non-lasting Peace.


For this we work in different programs that favor the search for lasting Peace.


our programs

Advice and monitoring of peace processes in support of international organizations, forums, civil society organizations and countries that are involved in these processes.

Advance the creation of a Latin American Observatory in OMP, focused on the political process and on the effectiveness of the tool on the ground.

Elaborate principles, thought and extract lessons through congresses and seminars, to strengthen the construction of a culture of Peace and participate in the international debate. .

Analysis and study of the evolution of the OMP in Haiti, from MINUSTAH (2004) to date.