• Social Research: Exploratory research is carried out as the first scientific approach to situations of daily violence that we have to call "daily wars". Likewise, it is interesting to explore the relationship between neuroscience, Culture of Peace and construction of citizenship. In this context, it is proposed to explore the knowledge that specific groups possess regarding Culture of Peace and whether they are able to identify when they suffer the impact of violence in any of its manifestations. Currently, no baselines are identified for the evaluation of situations of violence in the LAC region. We are working with text mining techniques to identify situations of violence. The idea is that each person in the sample can put their information, their life history, which will be the primary input for the creation of the baseline, after their analysis.

  • Training of trainers. It is about training trainers in Culture of Peace and Citizenship with specific modules. They are aimed at members of the institutions that require it. Theoretical - practical modules are presented, adapted in various formats.

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