• "Let's Talk Peace" Campaign. It seeks to promote values ​​and behaviors aimed at reducing the factors of violence and discrimination in social interaction and favoring a friendly social context for the Culture of Peace, understanding Peace as the absence of violence in the family, school, citizen, work environment, etc. Reflection is encouraged; stimulates and sensitizes for the assimilation of values ​​based on respect for the other.

  • Applications

    • Learning about Culture of Peace. It aims to spread the concept of Culture of Peace in social networks in a pedagogical way through virtual games.

    • App aimed at children and adolescents adapted according to different ages, will allow children and adolescents to learn about Culture of Peace in a didactic way through new technologies (notebook, cell phones, tablets, among others).

    • App aimed at women , especially adolescents and young people, with a friendly format for instruments that are commonly used, in this case an app for cell phones is designed, which can help prevent gender violence.

    • Virtual reality . RV 360 spots that allow you to experience situations of daily violence with if they happened at that time. It is an innovative tool for raising awareness of the importance of reducing the impact of violence