National Civil Judge, Director of the Superior Institute of Magistracy, Director of the Justice Goes to School Program, Director of the Let's Talk Gender Program, Director of Justice and Human Rights of the Argentine American Network for Leadership; with publications and participation in conferences in the country and abroad.


She is a professor emeritus in the specialty Methodology and Teaching of Social Sciences of the School of Education Sciences of the National University of Rosario, Argentina and the UNESCO CHAIR OF Culture of Peace and Human Rights of the National University of Buenos Aires. His area of ​​specialization is Education for Democracy, Citizenship, Culture of Peace and Human Rights, topics on which he develops training, research and teaching activities. Member of the Pedagogical Team of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Head of the Education and Training Area of ​​the ILAPyC. Member of the IPB - International Peace Bureau.


Irene Julia Romero, Degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Coordinator of the ICW GLOBAL International Support Office (ISO) since 2010. President of the Civil Association Solidarity between Argentines (SOLDAR) since 2004. General Coordination of Projects of ICW LATINA (2002-2009) and secretary of the More Peace Less Foundation AIDS. Currently, he is the head of, among other projects, all the research that ILAPYC is beginning to develop on issues related to the culture of peace.


Specialist in International Relations, with different master's and postgraduate degrees in this area: Master of Arts in Development Management and Policy, Georgetown University (GU), Master in Public Policy and Development Management - National University of San Martín (UNSAM) - and Postgraduate in International relations.
Since 2015 he advises various government entities on Foreign Relations.
He worked in different Latin American countries with a vast view of the region and with extensive knowledge of local and regional legislation. As an expert in international relations, he has participated in various diplomatic missions representing Argentina in UNASUR, OAS and Mercosur events.



Belén, who has a degree in international relations, has worked since October 2012 at the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation, where she served as assistant to the Presidency. Currently he continues to collaborate from ILAPYC.


She is from Michigan, United States and studies Comparative and Political Culture (Minor: Spanish / Women and Gender Studies, Cultural Studies of the Caribbean and Latin America) at Michigan State University (MSU) and will graduate in May 2019. Emma was a volunteer at ILAPyC for three months and after returning to the United States, she continues to be linked to the Institute.


Social Communicator, Integral Producer of video and TV, spokesperson and social activist. "My central objective is gender equality, peace and the empowerment of women through campaigns that are consistent with the message and its audience. I successfully fulfill the objectives that are generated in a timely manner and in the established manner." She is currently one of ILAPYC's communication consultants.


With more than 15 years working in what he likes the most, institutional communication, today he participates in ILAPYC and is in charge of the strategy and content generation for the Foundation's digital media.