The “Americas for Peace” Network is an initiative of the Latin American Institute for Peace and Citizenship - ILAPyC and has the objective of nuclear Civil Society Organizations from the Americas region, that decide to join efforts to achieve impact reduction of violence in today's society, respect for human rights and the permanent and systematic construction of the Culture of Peace in the region and in the world.


Americas for Peace echoes United Nations Resolution 53/243 where it is stated that "peace is not just the absence of conflicts" and proposes a positive and multidisciplinary understanding of peace, to overcome the concept of absence of war.


Americas for Peace is inspired by the UNESCO Manifesto 2000 to advocate for awareness of the need for a Culture of NON-Violence, and thus “forge a more just, more caring, freer, dignified and harmonious world with more prosperity for all. ” Adheres to its principles for a Culture of Peace: respect life, practice active non-violence, share time and material resources, defend freedom of expression and cultural diversity, promote responsible consumption and contribute to the development of the community.


Americas for Peace is supported by the 1986 Seville Declaration of UNESCO in which it is scientifically demonstrated that violence is learned, therefore peace can and must be learned. As he expresses it in his conclusions "the construction of peace begins in the minds of men." Violence is a cultural construction, it is nourished by patterns of coexistence, acquired prejudices, uses and customs. We firmly believe that violence is learned, and Peace too.


Americas for Peace lays its foundations in the principles of respect for the full exercise and guarantee of Human Rights contained in all instruments of international organizations and treaties between the different countries of the world. It also adheres to the principles of democracy, justice, solidarity, pluralism, cooperation and cultural diversity as essential for building a solid Culture of Peace, in a community, between communities and between States.

Americas for Peace is committed to:


  • Promote political advocacy to implement United Nations resolution 53/243 in member countries.

  • Articulate the work of the different organizations working on the theme of the Culture of Peace and non-violence in the region.

  • Promote the creation of areas for debate and exchange of experiences, tables for dialogue, where leaders and organizations from different sectors can express themselves and reflect on alternative ways for building a Culture of Peace.

  • Promote and support actions that tend to build a Culture of Peace and citizenship at the local and regional level, such as training, research, seminars, debates, dissemination and visibility strategies, among others.

  • Advocate for the positive and peaceful resolution of conflicts, through methods and tools that reduce the impact of violence.


Americas for Peace endorses the words of the Spanish Humanist and Philosopher, Juan Luis Vives " The first condition for Peace is the will to achieve it" and there he lays the foundation for his efforts.